Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

Cajun Cookware Griddles 14 Inch Reversible Round Cast Iron Griddle

by Cajun Cookware

Product Description

Cajun Cookware Griddles 14 Inch Reversible Round Cast Iron Griddle. GL10493B. Grill Pans & Griddles. This Cajun Cookware griddle is made of cast iron, is round, features heavy duty cast iron construction, and dual cooking surfaces. The cast iron griddle features a flat surface is used for traditional griddle cooking, while the ridged surface is great for draining away unwanted fat and grease from your food. Cooking surface of the griddle measures 12 inches and the widest point, including handles is 17 inches. This item should be cured before use. Cast iron cookware makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods and cooking with cast iron provides nutritional iron intake. Though Nonstick when seasoned, hand wash Cajun Cookware cast iron with stiff brush and hot water. Heavy-Duty and durable, cast iron cookware is designed to last for years.

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Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Imusa Round Comal Griddle, 11-Inch

by Imusa

Product Description

The Imusa carbon steel griddle is ideal for making pancakes or heating Tortillas. The nonstick surface provides for easy cleaning and healthy cooking. The flat surface distributes heat evenly and quickly. Handwash only with warm soapy water. 

Product Details

Product Features

  • 13 Inch Size
  • Non Stick Surface
  • Flat Surface Distributes Heat Evenly and Quickly